November 28, 2015

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Pressure Washing Pricing

Question Posted by: Bob S on TMF

Pressure Washing Pricing

Pressure Wash

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1. Submitted by Matt30577

I did it for several years and did it by the hour. Of course, I never told the customer that. But, I found out that I was worth, $100/hour and made decent money. I got out of it because I hated covering myself in mud and bleach, and getting wet in the winter months.

Due to the cubic feet of a house, different types of siding (vinyl, painted, brick, etc.), are there gutters involved or not, it’s almost impossible to find a rate per sq. or cubic ft. There are too many different situations involved to make it that simple. That’s why I did it by the hour estimate. I knew how long it would take to do it and found out for me ($100/hr) that it would pay the bills.

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2. Submitted by Sandstormli

Just like carpet cleaning a good reputable company will charge $500-700 for a high ranch and you have guys offering to do it for $150 and less but then some of them know nothing about pressure washing not even to remove all screens from all windows before you start …

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Can You Make Any Money in the Pressure Washing Business?

Question Posted by: $1KaDAY on TMF

Can You Make Any Money in the Pressure Washing Business?

Pressure Washing

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1. Submitted by NorthStarMaint

I know of several local companies who make very good money with their pressure washing business. It’s not a huge focus for us but it makes decent money when we are using it. This weekend we are removing stripes from a parking lot with it.

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2. Submitted by Roboshark

I just landed a local popular restaurant who wants a concrete sidewalk cleaned once a month. I said 135. Did the first cleaning Tues night and now I got all the carpet and tile inside off of it. I’m new to this type of cleaning but I just used my T&G stuff and it came out great.

Another guy was using a pressure washer and a wire brush but never got it out as good.

I think it’s a good in to other services but maybe not the other way around

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StingRay Parts Washers Builds the World’s Largest Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Machine

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Increasingly US businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental waste. One area in particular generates 40 to 50% of the waste in diesel engine rebuilding shops parts cleaning. Solvents are the traditional cleaning medium that leads to large quantities of hazardous waste when cleaning large parts like Caterpillar diesel engine blocks for repair, rebuild and remanufacturing. An alternative parts cleaning method developed by StingRay Parts Washer does the same job without the hazardous waste.

This environmentally friendly parts washer eliminates solvents by using aqueous cleaning technology. The unique power wash process couples high impact oscillating blast nozzles with proprietary dual stage pumping systems that deliver in excess of 4 tons of cleaning solution per minute. The pumps capability of pumping near boiling cleaning solution at high pressure cleans everything that solvents clean but without the hazardous waste issue. The automatic aqueous parts washer strips paint, carbon, oil and grease in short 15 minute cycles from engine blocks, engine heads, transmissions and drive train components while eliminating the hazards associated with people manually using solvents and hand wiping off the residue. Solvents are known carcinogens.

The StingRay industrial parts washer meets the environmentally green technology by reusing the cleaning solution in a closed loop zero discharge process. StingRay Parts Washers conserve water, reduce energy consumption, do not pollute the environment and eliminate solvents thus meeting the goals of GREEN TECHNOLOGY.

On Aug 28, 2012 StingRay shipped its largest aqueous parts washer to date. The 13648 diesel engine parts washer features a 136 inch diameter work surface with a 60 inch work height. Enough room to automatically clean the largest Caterpillar diesel engine block, the C175 weighing over 18,000 pounds.

To learn more about the StingRay 13648, please visit the website:


StingRay Manufacturing provides cleaning solutions to transportation, mining, agriculture, oil, earth moving, and trucking industries. StingRay manufactures a full line of cabinet style parts washers, including diesel engine washers and electric motor parts washers as well biodegradable detergents and parts washer replacement parts.

StingRay Manufacturing designs and manufactures energy-efficient heavy-duty parts washers for engine rebuilders, electric motor rebuilding, off road vehicle maintenance and railroad maintenance operations. StingRay Manufacturing has global sales offices, manufacturing and R&D operations in St. Louis, MO. Please visit for more information.

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